Is it Possible To Increase Penis Size?

Many men are unhappy with their natural penis size and they want to add some inches in their penis. Without any doubt, there are thousands of different penis enlargement methods that claim to increase penis size but they are useless and fail to deliver any results.

If you also want to increase your penis size then I suggest you to first read this post because in this post I am going to show you penis enlargement really work. But, I would like to give you little overview about penis.

The Anatomy of Penis:

anatomy of the penis

Scientists accept that penis structure is very complex despite of its simple structure.

Since many men and women knows about two main functions of penis that is why they think they know everything about penis. However, it is important for you to understand how penis is made up of if you want to enlarge it.

Basically penis is made up of two parts that are shaft (long part of penis) and the gland (head of penis). Shaft is not a muscle and instead it is made up of three columns (chambers) of tissues, one of these proceeds forward and create gland. These columns are called Corpus Spongiosus (that create gland) and Corpora Cavernosa (that are two tissues located next of each other on the upper side of the penis).

The shaft of penis is covered with skin and the gland of penis contains loosely attach skin known as foreskin. This foreskin is attached to the underside of the penis to create area called Frenum. Lastly, penis contains a canal from base to the tip called Urethra. This Urethra is severed as a passage for both urine (produce in bladder) and sperm (produce in the testes).

Although some mammals contain erectile bone but there is no erectile bone in human penis and we men have to rely on blood for erection. When blood fills into two Corpora Cavernosa chambers we get erection.

Every male baby born with full sets of reproductive organ but these reproductive organs don’t develop until body reaches puberty (happens in age between 10 to 14) and carries till the end of puberty (happens at age 18 to 20).

In puberty, the pituitary glands create hormones that signal testicles to produce testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for development of physical as well as psychological characteristics of a man.

It is testosterone that makes stronger bones and muscle mass. It is also responsible for increase in penis and testicles size. Additionally, it is testosterone that provides deeper tone to men.

However, after puberty the production of testosterone slows down and penis stop growing. But, there are some environmental factors that delay or accelerate the production of onset at the end of puberty. This is the reason some men experienced penis growth even after the age of 18.

The Most Common Myth about Penis:

If you are researching about penis enlargement then you most probably heard that penis size is link with the size of other parts of the body. The other version of this myth is penis size is connected with the size of hands, legs, feet, nose etc. But no link is found between penis and other body parts by scientists in countless researches and studies.

Although the development of penis is linked to the genes of limb but scientists discover that the development of penis is controlled by testosterone and it has nothing to do with any other body part.

There are some men who born with bigger penis but science is clueless about this matter. Although there was a study by scientist on bats which proved that sexual organ and brain needs large quantity of energy to develop. At some point, the developing body decides if it wants a bigger penis or bigger mind. But science unable to find how the decision is made.

Is it Possible To Increase Penis Size?

increase penis sizeMany men seem to ignore the idea of increasing penis size because they think it is impossible to increase size of any body organ. However, it is not. History is the biggest proof that men and women use different body enhancement techniques to reach their own standard of beauty. Additionally, numerous researches proved some herbs increases penis size.

For instance,

The women of Paduong tribe are still increasing the size of their neck by adding metal ring. Similarly, men of African tribes used to increase the size of lips and ear lobes by different body enhancement techniques.

How we can forget man’s most important organ? The men of Arabian tribes used to increase penis size with hanging weights. This is because weights are only traction device that they have at that time to increase penis size. Now, we have extenders, pills, pumps, oils etc to increase penis size and it is much easier as well. Look at my review on VigRX Oil to find how people are using this oil to get longer and harder in just 10 seconds.

We all know that our normal diet doesn’t contain enough minerals and nutrients that increases blood flow into the penis but by massaging oil on the penis we can directly provide nutrients that relax penis tissues and allow more space for blood to fill in them. The more blood we have in these penis chambers the harder and longer erection we will get.

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